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Memoize London Discovery Sample Set

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  • Memoize London Discovery Sample Set

Memoize London Discovery Sample Set.

2ml spray each, total of 17 fragrances.

Set includes:

• Luxuria

• Era

• Superbia

• Invidia

• Tristitia

• Gula

• Avarita

• Black Avarita

• Imperia

• White Castitas

• Temperantia

• Patientia

• industria

• Humanitas

• Humilitas

• Castitas

• Caritas

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Memoize Luxuria

Memoize Luxuria

The essence of lust, seduction, and intoxication. Memories of the first moment of interaction, wh..

$ 250

Memoize Black Avarita

Memoize Black Avarita

The essence of indulging all of your wants and needs in abundance. Traveling through the rich and ..

$ 520

Memoize Era

Memoize Era

Lose control of your emotions with this powerful fragrance; reigniting the fire within you, evokin..

$ 45

Memoize Imperia by Rowan Row

Memoize Imperia by Rowan Row

IMPERIA; noun, plural im·pe·ri·a [im-peer-ee-uh] Command; supreme power, strength. The essenc..

$ 175

Memoize Caritas

Memoize Caritas

The essence of generosity, charity and kindness. The heart of this scent is pure, filled with r..

$ 250

Memoize White Castitas

Memoize White Castitas

The essence of great honor and integrity. Your body and soul are cleansed, your mind is clear, yo..

$ 280

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Accendis Lucevera

Accendis Lucevera

ACCENDIS Lucevera with the magic of its ingredients takes us in a real world of intense and interest..

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Parfums de Marly Sedley

Parfums de Marly Sedley

A blend of citrus fruits creates an unparalleled fresh opening that is both addictive and inviting..

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