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Zaharoff Signature Royale LIMITED EDITION!

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Niche perfume
Accords Warm Spicy, Lavender, Woody, Aromatic, Musky, Amber, Powdery, Patchouli, Fresh Spicy, Balsamic
Notes Top Notes - Fresh Cardamom, Citrus Blend, Himalayan Juniper, Apple
Middle Notes - Lavender, Pimento Leaves, Magnolia
Base Notes - Sandalwood, Gold Patchouli, Oud, Suede, Cashmere Wood, Amber, Musk, Vanilla
Concentration Eau de Parfum

Zaharoff Signature ROYALE, 60ml (2.0 oz) LIMITED RUN!

Here it is! Offered in limited amounts, and only one size, the second of "two siblings" created from the Zaharoff Signature Pour Homme! Zaharoff took this extraordinary fragrance and added citrus oils, juniper, and apple, creating a magnificent blend with the wood and balsamic notes. They kept it simple in the middle note with Lavender, Pimento Leaves, and Magnolia. It is in the bottom note they made it fun and edgy with a "Cashmere Wood" blend of Woods, Musk, and Vanilla. At some points of your journey with this fragrance, you can smell a Suede accord as these oils bounce and play on your skin! Intoxicating and alluring. The freshness of a Gentle Breeze and a fleeting shower carry the aroma of citrus, flowers, and spices while the familiar warm embrace of cashmere woods and musk invite you on a spirited sensual journey not soon forgotten.

The nose behind this fragrance is Claude Dir.

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